# 4818 / French Ancient-regime (before 1785) Pied du Roy Ruler/ folding Knife

A rare French tool from the mid 18th century which combines a ruler with a folding blade.

Commonly referred to as a Pied –de-Roy folder.

Handles are a pair of folding rulers encasing a blade and with a closing catch at the loose ends.

Handles counter-rotate around the tang.

The Ivory handles are graduated with a French Pied-de-Roy scale.

1 Pied-de-Roy is equal to 32,484 cm. It has been estimated that, on the eve of the Revolution, a quarter of a million different units of measure were in use in France. Although certain standards, such as the pied du roi had a degree of pre-eminence and were used by savants across Europe, many traders chose to use their own measuring devices, giving scope for fraud and hindering commerce and industry.

The folding blade is made of steel and remains in very good condition mainly considering age and use, some overall pitting but still in full profile.

Excellent overall condition. Everything works as it should. 

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Very good

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